I recently had the pleasure of planning a fundraiser at El Cortez. From the moment I heard a cheerful “hello” from Kathi Skillman I proceeded to have the most delightful experience planning an event ever. Kathi took all the pressure off me from the beginning. She graciously discerned what I envisioned, and then went about making it happen. She used her professional contacts to secure reasonable contracts for my budget, and did so without ever making me feel second rate.

She overlooked the fact that I’m difficult to reach by phone, can’t quickly respond to emails, and didn’t have my deposit in on time. On the contrary, she was patient and helpful and flexible to work something out to fit my schedule. It was so easy for me I thought there must be a mistake. My only mistake was not booking the El Cortez in the past.

Kathi has a rare quality as a person to genuinely care about the people she serves. She treats each event as if it were her own. I felt I had a one of a kind event planner and a friend at the same time. I believe the world rewards the people who make life better for others, in the true spirit of service. I believe Kathi Skillman is a woman whose generosity of spirit gives the entire service industry a good name.
Kimberly Hunt