Exquisite Lighting and Fine Rentals are the benchmark that completes the look of a special event.

In 2003 Tavolo Chaise (“Table” in Italian, “Chair” in French) was appointed as the exclusive rentals company to the historic Don Room at El Cortez. Since that first event their use of superb equipment has resulted in minimized wear and tear and has assured our 100 year old floor remains in top condition.

Through precise placement and a myriad of seating configurations, each set is flawlessly implemented. In 2009 Tavolo launched a “Lounge line” creating relaxed “corners” using key pieces assembled for comfort and style that adds a convivial touch to your special event!

In 2012 Tavolo Chaise proudly introduced a “Specialty Event Lighting Package”. Utilizing state of the art LED lighting coupled with traditional PAR cans the Terrace trees, bars and spaces are deeply and abundantly illuminated invigorating and enhancing our festive Terrace cocktail parties.


Jessica Beiriger
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