I had my wedding reception at the Don Room in January 2016. After searching all over San Diego for a venue, I knew I found “the one” after touring the Don Room! The ball room is exquisite and super grand, which sold me right away (I may or may not have bought my dress before I picked a venue and my dress was grand, so I needed a grand venue!). The building is historic (the first high rise in San Diego!) and has such a cool story, which is something important to me as a history buff. The outdoor terrace is massive, which is good and bad at the same time. There was a lot of space for guests to hang out, but it also took some people away from the dance floor. Overall, what you get for the price beats out every venue I toured and it was the easiest decision I made during my wedding planning 🙂

Jessica Beiriger was our POC for the Don Room and she was great. She is super friendly and is very quick to respond to e-mails and make sure everything is taken care of. She helped with deciding the layout of the ball room and terrace and had some great suggestions for us. Another plus (IMO) with this venue is that you have to use one of their preferred caterers. The list wasn’t short, but it at least narrowed it down where I had a place to start instead of scouring all of San Diego for a caterer.

Our reception went off without a hitch. They do so many weddings here that they have it down to a science. All of the vendors work together frequently, so it made things go so smoothly for us – we never had to worry about a thing!

You won’t be disappointed with this venue!